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    Awake, Awake, released in 2004, is a collection of accompanied and unaccompanied Appalachian and British Isles ballads and traditional instrumental tunes. The collection of songs includes those that Ellen has sung since her younger days, learned from recordings and printed collections, as well as those learned more recently from seventh-generation ballad singer, writer and storyteller Sheila Kay Adams of Madison County, North Carolina. The tunes are those from the contra and square dance tradition of Appalachia and New England including one original country waltz.

    The musicians on the record are traditional players form the Pittsburgh and Mid-Atlantic folk music and dance community, including Ellen at the piano, Larry Unger on banjo, David Knight, Rich Moore and Elise Yoder, fiddles, Sue Moore on oboe, and Kathy Fallon on guitar. Two of the tracks, as well as the bonus tracks, feature some of Pittsburgh's prominent classical players: Patricia Halverson, Warren Davidson, Jason Posnock, Marylene Gingras-Roy, Joe Bishkoff and Michael Moricz.

    The Playlist:

    1. Bright Morning Stars
    2. One Morning in May
    3. Awake, Awake
    4. As I Walked Out
    5. Black is the Color
    6. Waggoner's Lad
    7. The Maid of Islington
    8. Fair Annie
    9. Far From Home
    10. Pretty Fair Miss
    11. Waly Waly
    12. Got no Sugar Baby Now
    13. Little Margaret
    14. Cuckoo
    15. When will ye Gang Awa?
    16. She Moved through the Fair
    17. Morrison's Jig
    18. My Dearest Dear
    19. Em & Katie's Ride
    20. My Love is in America
    Bonus Tracks: Bonnie Barbry-o and Poor Wayfaring Stranger

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